Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Tulip Festival has officially begun!

. . .and that my friends is something worth celebrating. I've mentioned the Tulip Festival before, and I'll continue to add posts related to it during the next couple of weeks while it is running.
We have some really beautiful weather in the forecast, and I intend to make the most of it. Spring is finally, really truly here. Often, life's great beauties are revealed in high contrast - winter into spring is one of my favorite times, summer into fall also being one of those as well. The seasons, with their respective beauties remind us that change is a natural and constant part of life. They prompt us to appreciate what is here now, knowing that it won't last long - especially when you consider the life span of something like a tulip. Enjoy them while they last, because when they are gone, it will be a while before we can enjoy them again. (Except of course in photographs, which is why I intend to take quite a few.)


claude said...

I saw a lot of beautiful tulips in the center of the city. Salt lake is a city very flowered !

Abby said...

I will be taking photos downtown this week, and Temple Square should be covered with Tulips at this time of year. I'm very excited about that, as well as the Tulip Festival.

Anonymous said...

So let's have some views of the Festival through the lenses of your camera and your eyes!

Liked the colours on this one.

Thiên said...

Thanks for reminding me to visit Abby! I have been so busy I have not made my "rounds" lately. Double thanks for the beautiful tulips photos. I do adore them. I love your shots! I wish I was there with you. Hope you have a great Friday!