Friday, April 11, 2008

A Hopeful Sky

When I saw this sky I pulled over and snapped a photo. It seems to echo so much about life, at least to me it did. The sun was just too strong to be hidden behind the clouds, it came shining through despite the obvious obstacles. Sometimes, it takes a few clouds to help you to appreciate how beautiful that light really is.


claude said...

Very beautiful hopeful sky. Often we have the same. A little blue sky pacth and after a lot of rain.
On last year we had the summer in April and Fall in summer and this year we have winter in April ans we hope to have summer in summer !
Come to my blog I brough you a surprise !

Uma por Dia said...

Wonderful. Dark but not black! You should had register in sky watch this friday

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you stopped to take this photo. Awesome!


Michelle said...

I stumbled here from City Daily Photo and just had to comment. I've often tried to take photos similar to this, and I thought your accompanying insight is the perfect addition. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you keep posting.