Saturday, April 5, 2008

Capitol Series : Two

This is the Capitol Building from behind with State Street visible to the left. When my mother was a girl, State Street was "the Highway." It was a continuous road stretching from city to city, leading to the Capitol Building in Salt Lake. It is still a main thoroughfare, however, it has been dwarfed by Interstate-15, and in some areas actually became I-15.
Have a great day!


claude said...

I cannot see the Red Lyon Hotel !
In 1996 for our wedding Anniversary, our friends gave us a night in this Hotel. Large and beautiful bedroom, A bottle of french red wine and 2 glasses. Swimming-pool and hot tub. Very goog memory. We stood on the same to admire the city by night.

Abby said...

It's true, most of the city is obscured from this vantage point, even though there are many quite large buildings beyond those you can four or five easily seen in the photo. I'll try to get one of the Red Lion for you the next time I'm out.

Bill said...

I fly through SLC once a month, and don't ever recall seeing the haze that this photo has. Is that haze unusual?