Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tulip Festival 2008

I was finally able to go to the festival yesterday! (And had forgotten to load the newly charged battery into my camera before I left home.) Thankfully, my mother was with me, and allowed me to use her camera. My grandmother, and three of my children were also with us, and we had a wonderful time. The original dates for the festival have passed, but Mother Nature always has her own clock. There were still probably about half of the tulips which hadn't fully matured yet. I'd like to go back in a week or two, because I think it will be completely different.
I love blue and yellow together. It is so clean and fresh. The yellow tulips seem to glow in the sun. I believe that these are double daffodils. I found the touch of orange very pleasing with the blue hyacinth. I loved, also, the sprinkling of orange and blue pansies at the feet of the larger flowers. The gardeners here are masters, they know how to give each flower it's best opportunity to shine.


Anonymous said...

Great contrast!

claude said...

Pretty flowers and very nice blend of colours !

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