Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This is the Place.

When Brigham Young and his party first entered the Salt Lake Valley, he looked out over it and said "This is the Place." There is now at that location, a monument dedicated to those first pioneers, and a park where you can "go back in time" so to speak and see what it was life looked like for them.


Anonymous said...

So this is where everything started?

Olivier said...

je ne comprends pas trop le pourquoi de cette statue, mais j'aime bien la perspective de ta photo.
I do not understand too why this statue, but I like the prospect of your photo.

Abby said...

Quin and Olivier, I wanted to add more information about the monument, the history it relates to. Hope this helps. You can find this information, along with more photos, here.

This Is The Place Monument marks the spot where the Mormon Pioneers first entered the Salt Lake Valley and marks the end of the 1,300-mile Mormon trail.It was here that Brigham Young stopped his carriage in July 1847 and, after surveying the desert valley near the shores of the Great Salt Lake, declared, "This is the right place." On July 24, 1947, exactly 100 years after his declaration, a heroic-sized bronze sculpture of Young and two of his colleagues was placed atop a 60-foot pedestal overlooking the Valley.
This Is The Place Monument was conceived, promoted and erected by a State-appointed commission composed of representatives of various faiths in Utah, including members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Catholics, Protestants and Jews.
This commission selected Mahonri M. Young, the celebrated sculptor and grandson of Brigham Young, to design the monument. The monument stands 60 feet tall and 86 feet long; the figure of Brigham Young on the top stands 12 feet 4 inches tall, along with Heber C. Kimball and Wilford Woodruff.
The Monument recognizes the early Spanish explorers and missionaries, the trappers, the Donner-Reed party, and the Mormon pioneers, including Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball and Wilford Woodruff whose figures stand atop the This Is The Place Monument.

Anonymous said...

Very cool!


claude said...

I do not remember if I saw this Place. Thanks for all your explanations about it. Very interesting.

bitingmidge said...

It's certainly very ..monumental!

It would never be mistaken for something that was left there accidentally! I like your shot far more than the one in the link though.

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