Sunday, May 11, 2008

University of Utah Hospitals

The Hospitals are: Primary Children's Medical Center, U of U Medical Center, The Moran Eye Center, and the Huntsman Cancer Institute. (Lance Armstrong visited the Cancer Institute on March 5, 2008.) The hospital in this photo is the U of U Medical Center, where two of my children were born. Tomorrow I will show you a view of the hospital complex from the city.


Anonymous said...

There was an expression that was popular when I was growing up during the War. It was: "You got more (of something) than Carter has Little Liver Pills."

You have more hospitals than Carter has Little Liver Pills. We don't have any where I live. But that is a kind of blessing I guess.

People used to go to the drug stores and grocery stores and buy these tiny bottles of Carter Little Liver Pills and take one a day. The bottles were glass and had a little cork in the top.

When truth in advertising came out and the FDA clamped down on home cooked medicine, the pills in the bottles disappeared. I am not sure if they are back nowadays or not.

I posted a picture of my furry mother on this Mother's Day. She was so special that we considered her part of the family.

claude said...

Hello Abby. I hope you had a goo mother's days ! I do not know this hospital. I went to one to visit the mother of my friend Julia.

Sara said...

Heard that the Huntsman Cancer Institute has the "BEST" cafeteria in the world of hospitals! They featured it on some program that I saw a few years ago - and I wanted my spouse to apply for a job there!!!