Saturday, May 31, 2008

Salt Lake Temple in Spring.

I did a post on the Salt Lake Temple in March. I'll be posting more photos of this building over the next few days. Enjoy.

Oh, and Paz . . . you make my day, too!


Jackie said...

That certainly is an impressive building. I think I'd seen pictures of the spire before, but not of the dome-y thing behind it.

Jackie (Glasgow DP)

Abby said...

The dome-y thing is the tabernacle, which I was posting about last week. (May 19, 2008) They are separate buildings, although from this angle it is difficult to tell.

claude said...

Salt Lake Temple is very beautiful.
I rememer we came in a hotel and we could go upstairs to wacth the details of the towers.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Thanks, Abby! ;-) As written above the building is very impressive. Looking forward to seeing more photos.