Monday, May 12, 2008

University of Utah Hospitals - from Downtown

the University of Utah hospital complex can be seen easily from most places in the city. This photo was taken from a window on the East side,10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. The Hunstman Cancer Institute is highest on the hill. There is a glass "side" on the right, the glass wraps immediately around at a very acute angle and returns to the building. At the top of that glass pie slice is a cafeteria called "The Point". You can see anything in the valley from there, and the view is spectacular - especially at night. The space is often used for catered events, including weddings. The food is excellent, and very healthy.
The very large white building is the U of U hospital, a teaching hospital connected to the U of U Medical School. The Moran Eye Center is between these two, and Primary Children's Hospital is in front. I believe that the brick buildings visible to the right of these hospitals is the Medical School.

The the foreground of the photo is the Cathedral of the Madeline, with the other two visible buildings being office and apartment buildings.


Anonymous said...

Great view, Abby!

claude said...

Nice view ! The snowy mountains are very beautiful. Ir seem from this University of Utah hospital the view is great too !

Anonymous said...

Excellent hospital food? That's a new one for me. ;-) Very nice view, indeed.