Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Tabernacle: Two

Here is a view down the side of the Tabernacle. The building completely round at the East and West ends, with long straight sides between. One of the new things that came during the renovations was the shiny roof. Personally, I thought it was a fantastic choice. The support pillars that run around the outside are all fairly evenly spaced. You can see part of one door with a window above, in this photo.


Uma por Dia said...

It does shines like Tagus river in a cloudy day :)


Anonymous said...


And now back to Fernando Pessoa if you don´t mind ...


Deus quer, o homem sonha, a obra nasce.
Deus quiz que a terra fosse toda uma,
Que o mar unisse, já não separasse.
Sagrou-te, e foste desvendando a espuma,

E a orla branca foi de ilha em continente,
Clareou, correndo, até ao fim do mundo,
E viu-se a terra inteira, de repente,
Surgir, redonda, do azul profundo.

Quem te sagrou creou-te portuguez.
Do mar e nós em ti nos deu sinal.
Cumpriu-se o Mar, e o Império se desfez.
Senhor, falta cumprir-se Portugal!

From "Message" is patriotic poem,


God wills, the man dreams, and the work is born.
God did that the earth should be all one,
That what the sea might join be now not torn.
He hallowed you. Foam-unveiling, you went.

And the white orle from isle to continent lit
Up, running on and on to the world's end,
And suddenly Earth was seen total, out
From the profound azure arising, round.

Who hallowed you created you Portuguese.
To the sea and to us you were His call.
The Sea grew whole, the Empire shook to pieces.
Lord, what lacks is to make whole Portugal!

Lawstude said...

Amazing building and well captured too. Have a nice day from the Philippines.