Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tulip Festival 2008: seven

These photos are of the Carousel Garden. It is a very formal, symmetrical formally laid out garden, and always one of the children's favorites. My four year old has often tried to "get a ride," - although now that he's old enough to understand that the animals are covered in plants, he is less anxious.


Anonymous said...

This carousel garden is awesome! How disappointing for any child to find out that they can't ride the carousel. Oh, well.


Abby said...

As I remember, it was pretty disappointing for a few of my children, HOWEVER. . .Thanksgiving Point not only has gardens - they also have a "farm" with all kinds of farm animals - you can even milk a cow and have a pony ride. The pony ride makes up for the carousel.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I like the sound of the farm for the kids. Very cool!


Hilda said...

Oh wow. The gardeners there are really skilled and very patient! This is lovely!