Thursday, June 19, 2008

Steeple Fountain.

In line with the Steeple on the Conference Center is a fountain that cascades down the building. It is visible from both the inside and out, as the water runs directly over windows. The water can begin right at the base of the steeple, which is the small trough exiting at the open base on yesterday's photo. The day I took the photo, the water began farther down - which I'm sure is simply a measure to conserve water. On each level, bridges span the fountain area, making it possible from the outside to feel like you are in the middle of it. The sound of rushing water is very soothing to me, so I love that. Architecturally, I think it is one of the most interesting and creative things ever done.


Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

I've enjoyed browsing your site. Your photographs are lovely and your text informative. I'll be back for more.

claude said...

I like fountains and Il would like to see this one.
Abby you can copy my vegetable collage and of my roses. Pink (in a previous post), red and in a few days, apricot and fire. Tell you grandmother I offer her with pleasure.
Good luck in your new job !

Dido said...

Dear Aby, thanks for asking to use the lighthouse picture on Edinburgh DP! You're welcome to print it for personal use (though I retain copyright). In fact I suggest we do a 'photoswap' - could I print your movement image of 1 April, also strictly for personal use? I love your blog by the way!