Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Conference Center from up there.

On May 1st, I showed you the numbers on the front of the Conference Center, which is the white building here. 


Mary Ann said...

Wonderful pictures. You must to a monkey to get some of these angles. Thank you for taking the time!

Anonymous said...

Hello Abby ... long time, no see but it's my fault. Sorry.

How do you get these photos?
Are you a climber?

So you still remember those Alentejo houses all white with windows painted in blue? And some were yellow, remember?
Even in Algarve, on the most rural part, you could see them.

On the north traditional houses were mainly made of stone without colour; however there were some exceptions like Viana, some parts of Porto and others.
I really like to know you still have a little bit of your heart for us!

claude said...

I think you took this photo from the hotel near the Temple. My friends live in West Valley, not very far from the airport.

Abby said...

Claude is right. The windows of the old Hotel Utah look out on to Temple Square, and this is the view from the 10th floor. It's fantastic.

Q, at least 1/4 of my heart will always be in Portugal. The rest is for God, my children and whatever blessings come to me in the future. My kitchen is decorated in Galos . . . percebe? Sempre há espaço para Portugal!

Abby said...
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