Friday, August 1, 2008

Daily Photo Blog Theme Day: Metal

This is also my Gateway Series number Six

This statue commemorates the 2001 Winter Olympics which were held in Salt Lake City. There are quite a few beautiful reminders around town of that grand event. Next week I will be posting some photos of the Fountain on the Olympic Legacy Plaza. It puts on a spectacular show all day, every day - except maybe in the depths of winter, ironically.


Jilly said...

That's an impressive sculpture with so much action in it - energy. Very nice. I remember watching those Winter Olympics on the television.

i was in Salt Lake City only a few weeks ago. Staying at St. George about 5 hours away but I came in for my last night before returning to France - to see a theatre performance my friend was appearing in.

Eric Salsbery said...

I have been in Z Gallerie at least a dozen times. in fact I have some nice blackberry photos from in there.
On the name "stealing" issue; I don't feel you stole the name. In fact I only put Original on mine when the blogs for Salt Lake reached a whopping 4. Hard to believe there are 4 daily photo blogs for lil' ol' Salt Lake.
I just wanted to have something that would differentiate mine from the other three and "original" was the first thing that popped into my head.

I love your blog. I think you do a great job. I check it every day.

Keep up the great work.


D.C. Confidential said...

Excellent choice, Abby!

Happy Theme Day!


Rafa said...

Nice choice, especially for the summer where it looks very different from the olympics season

Mary Jo said...

Awesome metal statue for theme day.

Kate said...

This is a wonderful theme photo that depicts your area so well!