Monday, March 31, 2008

Okay, okay. More Mountains

It snowed last night, which meant white mountains and blue skies this morning. I couldn't help myself. I had to take more photos of the mountains because although I don't enjoy the cold, my favorite view of the is this: White against the blue, with the sun coming through the clouds. This was my favorite of the photos I took this morning. There are more, but I'll mingle them in with architecture over the next month.
Salt Lake City would be just to the left of this photo. If you go to Wikipedia's Wasatch Front page you can see the entire Salt Lake Valley range in a sliding panoramic composite. At the far left, you can see the city on the valley floor, with larger buildings trailing up onto the mountain. (The University of Utah, with 3 large hospitals is located there on the bench. They are the white rectangles visible on the mountainside high above the valley floor). The next mountain to the right in the photo is the one I've posted a photo of today.


Olivier said...

tes paysages sont magnifiques, ils font rêver.
Your landscapes are beautiful, they are dreaming

Abby said...

Thanks. And I though I was just taking pictures of mountains. Wait until you see the clouds!

Grand Life said...

Abby, your blog is great. Glad I can add it to my NYC, Paris & London daily photo blogs. I live near S.L. 4-5 months during the year. Your photo's are great.

Abby said...

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it because I think it's a blast.

magiceye said...

brilliant picture!